Yaka Sawa Sushi And Grill

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Crab Rangoon (6)


Gyoza (6)



Pork Gyoza


House Spring Roll



Crazy Soft Shell Crab


Tempura Shrimp & Veg.


Tempura Chicken & Veg.


Tempura Vegetable


Agedashi Tofu

Served with fried tempura tofu


Hot Spice Chicken Wing



Miso Soup


Mushroom Soup


Dumpling Soup


Spicy Seafood Miso Soup


Thai Tom Yum Soup



Seaweed Salad


Avocado Salad


Kani Salad


KimChi Salad


Appetizer From Sushi Bar

Sushi Appetizer (5 pcs)


Sashimi Appetizer (7 pcs)


Fantastic 4

Served with crispy sushi rice bottom, topped with salmon, shrimp, avocado, crab meat, scallions, and tobiko special sauce


Spicy Tuna Tartar

Chopped crunchy tuna, cucumber and seaweed salad, topped with avocado and chef’s special sauce


Lo Mein

Seafood Lo Mein


Chicken Lo Mein


Beef Lo Mein


House Special Lo Mein


Broccoli Lo Mein


Shrimp Lo Mein



Spicy Beef Noodle in Soup


Seafood Noodle in Soup


Vegetable noodle in Soup



Spicy Kimchi Seafood noodle soup


Nabeyaki Tempura Udon in Soup


Nabeyaki Chicken Udon in Soup


Nabeyaki Seafood Udon in Soup


Yaki Udon

Chicken or Beef


Seafood Yaki Udon



Shrimp & Chicken Fried Rice


Spicy KimChi Fried Rice


Spicy Seafood Fried Rice


Egg Fried Rice


House Special Fried Rice


Young Chow Fried Rice

Traditional Chinese style fried rice white color


Thai Basil Fried Rice

Chicken, shrimp, fresh basil, stir fried with Thai spicy flavor


Pineapple Fried Rice



Shrimp Fried Rice


Chicken Fried Rice


Sushi Bar Entrée

Serve with Miso Soup

*Fancy Sake Don

Serve with 10 pcs of salmon sashimi over sushi rice



Assorted fresh sashimi and tamago over sushi rice


Unaju Don

Serve with 10 pcs of grilled eel over sushi


*Salmon Combo

Spicy salmon roll, salmon roll, salmon hand roll


Tuna Roll Combo

Spicy tuna, tuna roll, tuna hand roll


*Spicy Roll Combo

Spicy tuna roll, spicy salmon roll, spicy yellowtail roll


*Vegetarian Roll Combo

Idaho roll, cucumber roll & avocado roll


*Sushi Regular

8 pieces plus California roll


*Sushi Deluxe

12 pieces plus salmon roll


*Sashimi Regular

16 pieces


*Sashimi Deluxe

22 pieces


*Sushi Sashimi Combo

6 sushi, 10 sashimi & spicy tuna roll


*Party Boat

15 pcs of sashimi, 16 pcs of sushi and 2 chef’s choice rolls


Cooked Sushi Bar A La Carte

Each order is 2 pieces

Ebi (Shrimp) A La Carte


Kanikama (Crab Stick) A La Carte


Unagi (Gnu eel) A La Carte


Uncooked Sushi Bar A La Carte

Each order is 2 pieces

*Maguro (Tuna) A La Carte


*White Tuna A La Carte


*Sake (Salmon) A La Carte


*Hamachi {Yellow Tail) A La Carte


Cooked (Maki) Sushi Rolls

Fresh Garden Roll

Cucumber, avocado


Kani Maki (Crab Stick)


Unagi Maki (Eel Roll)


Cucumber Maki


Avocado Maki


Spicy Crabmeat Roll


Boston Roll

Shrimp, avocado, cucumber, Spicy mayo


California Maki

Crab stick, cucumber, avocado


Spider Maki

Deep-fried soft shell crab, cucumber inside, eel & spicy mayo sauce


Caterpillar Maki

Grilled eel, cucumber avocado on top, cucumber, rolled in the shape of a caterpillar


Idaho Maki

Sweet potato tempura


Unagi Cucumber Roll

Grilled eel and cucumber


Unagi Avocado Roll

Grilled eel and cucumber


Crispy Eel Roll

Eel, crabmeat, avocado deep fried with eel sauce and spicy mayo.


Crazy Maki

Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo and eel sauce


Rock N' Roll

Chicken tempura cream cheese, cucumber, eel sauce.


Scorpion Roll

Served w. grill eel, cucumber and avocado inside, topped with shrimp and eel sauce


Dynamite Roll

Deep fried roll with white fish, cream cheese and avocado inside topped with spicy crab meat salads and chef special sauce


Uncooked (Maki) Sushi Rolls

*Tuna Maki


*Salmon Maki


*Yellowtail Maki


*Alaskan Maki

Salmon, avocado, cucumber


*Tuna Cucumber Maki


*Tuna Avocado Maki


*Salmon Cucumber Maki


*Salmon Avocado Maki


*Yellowtail Cucumber Maki


*Yellowtail Avocado Maki


*Rainbow Maki

California top with Sashimi and avocado


*Spicy Tuna Roll


*Spicy Yellowtail Roll


*Spicy Salmon Roll


*Philadelphia Maki

salmon, cream cheese, cucumber


Yaka Sawa Signature Roll

*Tuna Loves Salmon Roll

Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber inside with tuna and avocado on top


*Super Shrimp Roll

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado inside with ebi shrimp on top


*Fire Roll

Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside topped with spicy tuna, and avocado, spicy mayo and eel sauce.


*Christmas Roll

Spicy tuna with avocado inside, topped with tobiko


*Sweet Love Maki

Spicy tuna, avocado inside topped with fresh tuna in the shape of a heart, spicy mayo sauce.


*Lovely Roll

Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado rolled with soy paper


*Mermaid Maki

Shrimp tempura, spicy salmon, topped with avocado and white tuna, tobiko and eel sauce, spicy mayo


*Fire Dragon Roll

Shrimp tempura and cream cheese topped with salmon, crabmeat, spicy mayo, eel sauce, and crunch


*The Three Amigos Roll

Tuna, salmon, white tuna from inside out!


*House Dragon Maki

Shrimp tempura, crab stick topped with eel, avocado and *tobiko, eel sauce


*G-Vegas Roll

Spicy salmon, avocado, cucumber and crunch inside topped with seared black' pepper tuna, wasabi tobiko, spicy mayo and wasabi mayo


*BMW Roll

Served with spicy crunchy crab meat inside, lopped with pepper tuna, white, tuna, avocado, tobiko and chef Special I sauce


Mango Tango Roll

Spicy tuna and avocado inside, topped with salmon and chop mango, with mango sauce


Spicy Lover Roll

Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy yellowtail, inside, with tuna, salmon, yellowtail on the top and spicy mayo,


Spicy Dragon Maki

Served with assorted chef's choice fish inside, topped with avocado and chef's sauce


Fancy Dragon Roll

served with avocado eel inside, topped with topped with torch spicy salmon, spicy tuna and chef special sauce


Golden Island Roll

Served with shrimp tempura and cucumber inside, topped with crunchy crab meat salad slice's mango and mango sauce


Snow White Roll

Served with shrimp, avocado and mango inside, topped with crab meat salad, coconut flake and chef's eel sauce



Served with Rice and Miso Soup

Chicken Teriyaki


Shrimp Teriyaki



Japanese Style Deep Fried in Light Flaky Batter Served with Rice & Salad

Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura


Chicken & Vegetable Tempura


Vegetable Tempura



Japanese style deep fried in light bread crumb batter, served with rice and salad

Chicken Katsu


Traditional Chinese House Entrée

Mapo Tofu( with meat )


Beef in Hot Chili Sauce


Asian Special Entrée

Thai Red Curry with Tofu (spicy)


Thai Green Curry with Tofu


Thai Red Curry Chicken(spicy)


Thai Red Curry Shrimp(spicy)


Thai Green Curry Chicken


Thai Green Curry Shrimp


Broccoli Chicken


Broccoli Beef


Broccoli Shrimp


Thai Basil Chicken


Thai Basil Beef


Thai Basil Shrimp


Coconut Shrimp


General Tso's Tofu


Mongolian Beef


Chicken with Garlic Sauce


Hunan Chicken


Chicken with Szechuan Style


Beef stir fry with onions ( spicy)




coke or sprite



Fried Cheese Cake